Double Rollers Crusher

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The kind of roller crusher is also known as the double roller crusher, roll crusher, roller machine, it can crush materials in middle hardness such as rocks, ore, coke, lump coal, slag, mineral slag, cement clinker, fireproof materials, etc., is widely used for secondary and fine crushing in the industries like mining, building materials, cement, chemical industry, etc.


 The materials are put into the space between the two rollers by their rotating motion and a friction angle formed between the rollers and the particle, called the nip angle. The two rollers force the materials between their rotating surface into the ever smaller gap area, as the two rollers inward turning, the input materials are crushed, pressed, ground and at last come out from the base of the double roller crusher.

ico imagesFEATURES

1.ISO9001:2008 Proved;
2. Simple& compact structure;
3. Flexible and convenient installation, only need simple foundation;
4. The rollers' surface adopts anti-friction welding rod or exchangeable dental plate, the maintenance is simple.
5. Adjustable pressure and discharging granularity;
6. With dust-proof plate, good sealing performance, less dust, low noise operation, good working environment.;
7. Perfect after-sale service;



Model Feeding Size
Motor Power
Overall Dimension
2PG400×250 <35 ≤2-8 2-10 2×5.5 1.3 2110×870×810
2PG610×400 <65 ≤2-20 5-20 2×15 3.9 3510×1420×1030
2PG750×500 <75 ≤2-25 10-40 2×18.5 9.5 4210×1630×1260
2PG800×600 <80 ≤2-25 12-45 2×22 10.8 4505×1780×1320
2PG1000×700 <100 ≤3-30 20-65 2×30 14.9 5310×2175×1595
2PG1200×800 <120 ≤3-35 35-80 2×37 25.5 6290×2270×1870
2PG1500×800 <130 ≤3-45 50-120 2×75 33.7 7460×2410×2290
2PG1600×1000 <150 ≤3-50 60-140 2×90 41.2 8220×2680×2475

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